Malaysian architecture initiative presents Robert Greenwood in free lecture
August 4, 2018
Executive Diploma in Real Estate Agency
June 28, 2020
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Hari Keusahawanan & Kerjaya 2018

We believe everyone has their talent and yet to discover. In DOMA, we want to unleash the individual talent and glorify to the fullest potential.

We were invited by Ms Lailane the Pengetua of SEKOLAH MENENGAH KEBANGSAAN SEKSYEN 5 WANGSA MAJU to give a career talk to the graduating classes. We have explicitly highlighted the dynamic in construction industry and the profession in Inspector of Works. During the talk, there were raising concern on getting a job right after their tertiary educations. We managed to provide them a few options, one of the options will be joining our Diploma in Building Construction, which will give them almost 6 months of working attachment with their preferred construction related company.

We all have dream jobs, but what it is more important it is our first job. The first job will provide guidance to our career, will also determine our corporate ladder in the later years.

Interview session

We have opened up the question to the floor, what is their dream ambitions. Initially students were quiet, soon we were able to break the ice after some personal sharing sessions.

Zul, 17

“I would like to be a Taekwando Grand Master. To achieve that I have to get 9th and black belt within the next 7 years”

Kyra, 16

“I would like to be in the construction industry. After listening to this career talk, I am interested to be Inspector of Works too, this will allow me to work in Architect office after the diploma program, 2 years and 6 months. If Architect degree, it is 7 years!”

Lutfi, 17

“Architecture is my passion. But this Diploma in Building Construction could be my options, if I don’t get to be an Architect”

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